When Good Guildies Go Bad – Shared Topic

It happens to everyone sometimes; the fight they can’t master as quickly, the one person they can’t get along with or they have a slump in performance. What can you do to help? I would vote for a quick shout of “Daasss Boooot!” followed by /gkick but that might not suit everyone so I will try to help you help them.

  1. Ask them what the problem is. This might seem dumb but if you don’t ask them why they are cutting up you might never know.
  2. When they start to answer, pretend you are paying attention to every word by actively listening. Active listening is when you rephrase what you were just told into a question. Example: Mary: “I hate Igigi, he is a jerk who always makes fun of me for having lower DPS than Himmler.” Me: “So you feel like Igigi is making fun of your performance fail? How do you think I should approach him to let him know that is not ok?”
  3. Help them. If they need help with performance, review parse logs to see how the top rated players of their class give priority to their spells; go over their gear, talents, enchants, and gems but be polite when suggesting changes. Do not say , “Paladins don’t need spirit as prot, newb.” Do say,  “I noticed you made some unique choices with your gems, the majority of players go with stamina but I was curious why you chose what you did.” If they need help with other players in guild, you normally do better middle manning then letting them work it out together. Example of what I mean by middle manning, Me: “Igigi, I have noticed that you have been a little harsh on Mary’s performance lately. I think this is making a negative feedback loop and affecting the whole raid. I would really appreciate it if you worked this out with her in whispers or if you want y’all could jump on vent, if you want a third-party I would be willing to moderate.” When I said middle manning it, I meant introducing the subject not playing “He Said, She Said” with the involved subjects. If a moderator is requested make sure you do not have a bias against or for either player before agreeing to do it.
  4. Follow through. Just because the problem looks resolved does not mean it is. Wait a week and go over how the changes are going for your guildie. If the problem was performance, ask the player how their numbers are now, if they enjoy their rotation and if they feel that they need anymore help. If it is a problem between players, talk to each of them separately and let them know that you are just checking up if they were ok with how things are now.

Disclaimer, this is what I do in my family and guild. It might not work for you or your guild. The preceding was meant as a general guideline, please adjust for the individual situation. It works best when you are an officier.

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