What I want in WoW most of all

As the previous post stated, I have been playing RIFT. I  have found one feature I love more than any other, 4 specs. I think that more specs should be implemented in WoW. It is not game breaking, it is just convenient. 

My main is a priest and heals for guild runs since my healing specs are so different I keep Holy as primary and Disc as secondary. Every time I want to do PvP, I have to respec. Anytime I want to do DPS, I have to respec. After I respec, it will only be a day or two until I am needed as one of my PvE healing roles and guess what? I have to respec. I don’t think it would annoy me so much if I didn’t have to reconfigure my toolbars with every change. The price is a little annoying as well.

I understand Blizzard’s stance that too many specs would invalidate the purpose behind talent trees being decisions with weight. I do however believe that 1 more tree choice would be a great thing. I would still have to make tough decisions. I would still have to respec. A nice alternative would be to have an option to save different action bar specs. I can save DPS, Disc, Holy and PvP gear sets, why can’t I save action bars with that? It would be the same level of choice without the extra 15 minutes checking and double checking that I didn’t forgot an important part of my rotation.


2 responses to “What I want in WoW most of all

  1. Both spec have their own action bar right? If you change spec, your action bar should change with it.
    As for rotation action bar; Did you try to use the scroll option on the action bar? I use action bar 1 for my normal rotation and action bar 2 for my professions (just 1 scroll away), but it also can easily be used as a PVP rotation action bar.

    Hope this makes sense….

  2. You are right but I want the option to save extra action bars. I would like to have 4 action bars saved. One Disc, Holy, Shadow, and PvP. Then if I respec my holy I don’t spend time changing my action bar, I just toggle to my shadow bars and I am ready. :) Right now if I reset my specs outside of the 2 I bought, I have to change my action bars. The add-ons I use make the scroll option pretty useless. I have all bars possible up with keybindings and macros on them.

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