Why I don’t role-play

     I recently got an email from someone on an RP server who invited me to join her 25 man guild after reading the blog. I very much appreciated the offer but had to turn her down despite her massive love for my recruitment messages. I have no problem with role-play in general and greatly respect those who do it well but cannot stand RP when done poorly. What do I mean by poorly you ask, lucky you, I have made a top five list of what I mean by poorly.

  1. Vampires. Not just any vampires but sparkly blood elf, too beautiful for existence and full of angst about their condition as  vampires. Really, this is how you want to spend your time. Stephanie Meyer has done it as well as it can be done (which isn’t saying much).
  2. Unrealistic scenarios. You and your boyfriend RP a monogamous Draenei couple, have you seen the sexual dimorphism. The males have to be keeping harems.
  3. RP as a main lore character. You should never supplement a  main character to be Slyyvanass, the Queen of the Forsaken, in your guild event for two main reasons. A) The character you are emulating would never say the lame things you are putting in her mouth. B) She is so badass that when someone went “Lol, newbzz, u suxxor” disrupting your RP event she would melt their faces off, not ignore the insult.
  4. Emotes of doom. No one should ever have to read, “Elvenwarlord stares grimly into the distance with a troubled but measured appearance on his visage as he tries to discern the figures meandering towards him, around him a crowd of joyless spectators await with bated breath for his words.” Seriously, this is acceptable to you. The prose is just horrific and no one wants to be told that they are waiting for you to speak. 
  5. Chapter long and insanely stupid back stories. You were not carried off by wolves as an infant and raised in the wilderness but manage to have completely integrated into society. Tarzan not withstanding, any children who historically lived through this sort of thing were always scarred for life. No one wants to be involved an two hours of monologue while you share minute details about your character’s life up to this moment. This includes how you felt at your friend’s betrayals (shocked and betrayed, I never would have guessed), your clichéd birth as the chosen one or your early life on a farm until it was destroyed by maruding orcs (or humans). These have been done to distraction and a line or two will suffice.  


     I do not mean to harp on bad RP as I am sure anyone who ever rolled a toon on a RP server has had to deal with it but I wanted to share my personal reasons for why I don’t care for it. I stand by the fact it can be done well even though I have not seen it done. I left the one and only RP server I ever rolled on as soon as someone started trying to fight their hunger for blood in Silvermoon.  /delete level 3 BE warlock


Recruitment Post

     Well, we have setup a site, hashed out rules and settled on our app so all that we have left to do is recruit. :( Recruiting has not been fun. I have been mocked and laughed at more in the last 3 days than in my entire life. I have tried serious posts and funny ones with an equal lack of luck.  So today I will be brainstorming different recruitment messages to see which looks best typed out.

<Primus Inter Pares> Got loot? Apply at pipus.somedomain.com

We are a new guild looking to expand our ranks. We are looking for mature and fun players with toons 80+. PST for more info or apply at pipus.somedomain.com

.ofni erom rof TSP ro moc.remurof.supip ta ylppa nac srediar ykaenS .[rorriM etitengaM] ruoy barg kciuq ,uoy no pu gnikaens ylwolS

Enjoy 20+ hours of work on raid bosses to claim server first, apply at GoL. If you enjoy progressing at a slower and more relaxed pace give us a try. Fun players who have great raid awareness and are willing to help each other improve. Apply at pipus.somedomain.com.

New 10 man guild looking to expand our ranks. We enjoy metal music, long walks on the beach and ruthlessly destroying internet dragons. Dislikes include socks with sandals and scrubs. Please apply at pipus.somedomain.com or PST for more info.

<Primus Inter Pares>We offer repairs, bank tabs, and vent. We plan on raiding in 10 mans as soon as we recruit enough players and can offer a friendly and funny environment in which to play. Please apply at pipus.somedomain.com or PST for more info.

     Well, I have been sitting here for 20 minutes and this is all I have. Sigh, luckily the Dawnbringer server has plenty of unguilded 80+ toons who are hopefully desperate for a guild that even remotely tries to be original. If anyone reading this thinks they have some pointers to share, please do. :) I am more than willing to admit I can greatly improve on recruitment messages.

Edit 01/26/2011 19:37  After a day spent in Trade, I have decided our guild’s new recruitment message will be: <Primus Inter Pares> We spell checked our name so you wouldn’t be ashamed to have it under yours. PST for more information about how we can make your life less embarrassing.

Edit 01/31/2011 15:54 I came up with what I hope is a catchy limerick for recruitment:

There once was a toon quite skilled,
He decided he needed a guild,
He never got laid
so decided to raid
and a spot in PIP was filled. PST for more info.

Guild Rules


After a bit of discussion, we decided that we do not want to accept just any applicant.  Even though our guild currently consists of 4 players we will take applications for positions.  After weighing the pros and cons, we decided it was better to be selective about the tiny amount of interest we were getting then to just fill up our guild with warm bodies.  That being the case we setup some forums and are trying to hash out our guild rules.

     We want the focus in our guild to be on maturity, experience, patience, support, advice, fun, companionship and dedication.  We also want to foster a fun environment where the thick-skinned and sarcastic can thrive so we will be trying to incorporate that into the rules.  I saw that I am getting a few views and would love if I could get some comments on better wording or need to clarify what is intended before I post this to our forums.

Primus Inter Pares Rules

Mission Statement:  We would like to foster a community of mature players pursuing the common goal of end game raiding in a supportive environment that fosters friendliness and patience.

Conduct Rules

  1. We have no problem with any of the following and chances are good if you do we might not be the guild for you.  Profanity, sarcasm, references to non-addictive narcotics, drinking, cigarettes, sex (in a non-explicit way and very seldom), massive egos (everyone looks at Igigi), pop culture references, geek humor and other things too long to list but this should give you a good idea.
  2. Praise should be public and criticism should be private.  You may say whatever you want to another player in regards to their character as long as it is civil but you may not spam raid chat, guild chat, the forums or trade chat with examples of why they suck.  If they are that bad they know it and your pointing it out to the server and guild accomplishes nothing.  Instead, see if they need assistance through a whisper or if you do not want to make it your problem, please inform an officier.   There have been a lot of changes in game and some players need a little help pointing them in the right direction for new priorities on their abilities.  If someone can not improve then the officers will handle the situation.  Please do not exacerbate the problem by pointing out their flaws in a hateful manner.
  3. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.  A sexist joke is fine, I mean, everyone knows that women are better than men and humor can make that bitter pill easier for them to swallow.  :P  But contrary to what many men believe, women do not play to meet men.  There is a good chance that we are already in a committed relationship and do not want to a. dance naked for in game gold, b. whisper naughty things to you, or c. hear about how you would treat us better due to your massive wang, über job or whatever you are trying to entice us with.  Please do not come on to female guild members, you will be kicked.  There will be no second chances.
  4. We ask for all guild members to be considerate and polite to non-guildies unless they deserve our loathing.
  5. We do not condone the use of cheats or exploits.
  6. Backstabbing, ninja looting, begging, scamming and overcharging suck.  Do not be that guy who makes a profit by selling donated mats from guildies on AH.  Do not roll need if you really plan on AHing an item.  Do not do anything that in real life would get you sued. 

 Participation Rules

  1. We require that all guild members register and regularly log onto the forums.
  2. We require that everyone log onto vent when raiding, you do not have to talk but you must be there for strategy before the pull.
  3. We ask all guild members to sign up for as many activities as they can reasonably expect to enjoy doing without getting burnout. We do not have a minimum number of events you must run and we understand that  RL comes first. We also understand that even when raiding you have commitments you must maintain such as children, your boss calling, etc.  No one will be penalized for going AFK for a reasonable amount of time to deal with these sorts of things as long as they inform the raid. 
  4. Please visit the progression thread and review the raiding requirements to know what we expect if you participate in our raids.

Disciplinary Rules

  1. All members and the guild leadership are expected to follow these rules refusal to do so will lead to disciplinary actions.  Disciplinary actions can range from fines to go to the lock box to /gkick depending on how severe they are. All disciplinary actions will be discussed by guild leadership before implementation and warnings will be given for all but the most serious first time offences.
  2. Inactivity for longer than 1 month without informing guild leadership will result in a removal from the guild.  If you inform leadership of the reason and expected return date,  we will accommodate you.

My guild woes

    Oh no, not another World of Warcraft blog!  Sigh, it is true I am making another one and not even for the purpose of sifting out the wheat from the chaff in class issues or raiding.  This is a blog about my struggle to find or make the perfect guild for me and my boyfriend. 

     A little backstory might help to understand what we have gone through looking for the “perfect” guild.  We started playing in December of 2008.  I had played earlier in 2006 for about 6 months but left the game go due to RL issues.  I talked the boyfriend into trying it out and we both rolled new toons.  First year was ok, we pugged and did not join any guilds but had no issues getting what we needed done.  We took an 11 month break because we were a little burnt and came back about two months before cata hit. 

     Here is where the guild issues start, we joined a stoner social guild. Great people, very nice and friendly, they were doing ICC so we did too. We had a lot of fun and then the expansion hit.  As might be expected from a stoner guild, everyone was not rushing to  level their toons and hit heroics and raids.  Those of us who hit 85 within 2 weeks were ready to start on the new content but lacked the numbers to do so.  People who had worked hard to level so that they could do new things were frustrated at the lack of effort and started to /gquit and move to progression guilds sometimes on new servers.

     We decided to follow another couple when they left the guild as they were very fun to play with it and we felt our personalities really clicked.  We joined a guild they had found that were progressing nicely. The progress was nice and so were a lot of the people but I would say they had a core of 5 to 6 major Major douches. Coupled with the fact that my boyfriend and I never had a chance to raid as they offered for either one or the other of us but never both, I /gquit here after about two weeks. I left both guilds on relatively good terms, i.e. no nerd rage.

     So that brings us to the present day, I tried to find a casual raiding guild on my server but casual seems to translate to “don’t show up when you say you will and can I borrow a couple flasks.”  Hardcore doesn’t work for us as we have two children, one quite young so sometimes we have to go afk while raiding.  I was not really looking for another social guild because we do want to progress.  Being unable to find a guild that clicks has lead to us (my bf, I, and the couple we left with) trying to start our own guild.

     I would like to be optimistic about it slowly building up a core of nice players who want to progress at a slow and steady pace in an environment that promotes friendship, parenthood, and sarcasm but …  Guild perks. No one wants to join a three day old guild without perks.  I think that it is more important to be able to raid with people who share your outlook in life than to get 20% Reinforce but I might be alone in that. Anyway, that is my rant.  :)