What I want in WoW most of all

As the previous post stated, I have been playing RIFT. I  have found one feature I love more than any other, 4 specs. I think that more specs should be implemented in WoW. It is not game breaking, it is just convenient. 

My main is a priest and heals for guild runs since my healing specs are so different I keep Holy as primary and Disc as secondary. Every time I want to do PvP, I have to respec. Anytime I want to do DPS, I have to respec. After I respec, it will only be a day or two until I am needed as one of my PvE healing roles and guess what? I have to respec. I don’t think it would annoy me so much if I didn’t have to reconfigure my toolbars with every change. The price is a little annoying as well.

I understand Blizzard’s stance that too many specs would invalidate the purpose behind talent trees being decisions with weight. I do however believe that 1 more tree choice would be a great thing. I would still have to make tough decisions. I would still have to respec. A nice alternative would be to have an option to save different action bar specs. I can save DPS, Disc, Holy and PvP gear sets, why can’t I save action bars with that? It would be the same level of choice without the extra 15 minutes checking and double checking that I didn’t forgot an important part of my rotation.