Rift Guild

A couple of RL friends and I are starting to recruit for our guild on RIFT. We are looking for players who are driven to enjoy everything the game has to offer without whining about how WoW did it. We understand that they are similar but are two separate games. We plan on seeing end level content in a reasonable amount of time. We would like players who can take direction, improve their play, don’t stand in fire and know how to pull the right boss or people who are fun to play with. The last is most important.
We offer a fun and funny group of players in return. We are split between US and Canada locale wise. We will be on the Keenblade server and we are Defiant. Our guild rules will be the same as the Guild Rules post on here if you are interested. The website is here but it is currently under construction so keep your expectations low. You can comment here for more info if you want. I am pretty optimistic about this one filling up quickly because people love my recruitment messages for the most part and they are a great group of players.